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Our Solutions

POSSYS present a professional solution for any point of sale.
Our systems was developed by experts with the most professional programming environment of MICROSOFT, our team keep developing and testing to present the client almost perfect program. We also offer making special POSSYS on demand which will be done in no time.

Some of POSSYS solution:

  • Full Function System: what make our system different is that when you get any version of POSSYS then you will get all the features.
  • Networking: our POSSYS is built to work on local network (wired/ wireless) as a client-server system, and the server could be normal PC.
  • Terminals: our POSSYS is able to detect any terminal (modem with phone line, Barcode Reader, RFID Reader, Dallas Card, Bill ticket printer…).
  • One-Click setup (online / offline ): our POSSYS systems are quite easy to setup, you can install offline or online, we will guide you step by step to get your POSSYS ready.
  • License online: you can get your license from our agent in your country with prepaid license code, you can also buy it alone using our online paying method.
  • Synchronization: working on local network you will find our POSSYS work in Just In Time manner, any change/Order/Instructions will be broadcasted immediately.
  • Multi-Language: POSSYS support more than four languages (English, French, Polish and Arabic) you will be able to use different languages in the same system.
  • Billing and Invoice: POSSYS includes standard solution for bills with client information. Invoice is quite easy to extract for company with perfect standard template.
  • Caller ID: POSSYS presents plugged-in solution to detect the client number then show order’s history which makes the shop trust worthy.
  • Statistics/Reports: POSSYS includes all statistics that help to improve your sales, it’s periodically: Today/Yesterday/This week/last week /...
  • Promotion: POSSYS includes a professional way to add promotion with auto hide option, time limit and multi items pricing.
  • Party: you can add party with all information to be recorded (number of chairs/tables, food, drinks, services…).
  • Billing: unlike other POS programs, POSSYS gives you the choice to make an order by-Chair in addition to the by-Table option.
  • VAT: POSSYS gives you the choice to set VAT levels to make it easier in setting the items VAT by joining them, then changes will be quite easy.
  • Newsletter: you will be able to send any promotion to your clients in one click, customizing the newsletter has many options.
  • No manager required: POSSYS has accountant user then this user could make all money operation, moreover, order user could be granted the authority to do that.
  • Mapping address: when your POSSYS online, you can your clients address on map using Google-map, this makes it easier to set the delivery cost.